The “Bailout” of Wall Street is official:

1. The Senate approved it first

2. The House had to approve it or risk not getting re-elected

3. Obama and McCain voted “Yes” (Wow they finally agreed on something)

Well this blog is all about reaching for your dreams.

My Ultimate dream is to be a Mogul! Yep, a Mogul! I did not slip or mistype. I am putting it out there for the whole world to read.

I have never been able to hide this from my friends and relatives. I have been blessed by God in the fact that I have the to most coveted muscles on the planet. The Brain < most coveted and my male part. Both may I add I was very blessed in both areas. I have been able to come up with some fantastic ideas for business and I have for a decade not able to get but 1 off of the ground and it failed miserably because of 911. By the way, when my company went down the tube, because everybody was in a state of shock when 911 hit. No one ordered anything for the rest of the year. My company did not have the money in the bank to last 1 month let alone 3 months. When the orders stopped coming in, we were screwed. The credit line and the bank account got depleted fast. I lost everything! The nice home in San Francisco, the cars, the business, and every ounce of fight in me. I thought that was it for me. Which is the reason why I am writing this blog, because it wasn’t the end of the chapter.

Now I am mad, I mean angry!! Because I was on Main Street and Uncle Sam did not come along with a bailout! Uncle Sam did not say..”Hey let’s send 850 Billion to Main street and help all those guys out there, that did not see 911 coming.”

No, we had to close our doors and survive!!

Now did Wall Street have to do the same thing? Well the arguement there is.. “Well you were just a 2 million dollar company, if you fail no one feels it! But if Bank of America or JP Morgan Chase fails, then the whole economy will feel it! They are too big to fail!!

Well that trickle down Reagan-nomics did not work back then and it has proven again with the “Bush” debacle to not work again.

Let me say as plain as I can for Congress to hear it!! NOTHING EVER TRICKELS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

“THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER”  Stop saying it Trickels DOWN!!!!!!!!

The shit is broken and only the Democrats can fix it!!!