Given everything to American

Given everything to American

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Barack Abama is here - READY or NOT

Barack Abama is here - READY or NOT

Tell me…

Is this the same America that George Washington envisioned?

Is this the same America that Martin Luther King Jr and countless other patriots fought and died for?

We at believe in the American Dream. We at want the American Dream to live on.

All of a sudden, if you do not go for what the GOP party believes is right, you are labelled a socialist, racist, terrorist

Everything about this is bad for America!!

Laura Ingram and her clan of leftist racist, have really stooped lower than 43 and his campaign against Kerry.

We are in a country where the biggest liar gets to be President of the United States!!

I have (3) daughters and I am always reminding them to tell the truth, be honest, play fair, be christian first, and two wrongs don’t make a right!

Doesn’t the GOP know that kids are watching and they are learning and you know what kids do? They repeat what they hear and see.

They don’t have the intellect to filter out the lies and to read and look for the facts. Even if the parents correct them, they still have been some type of impression.

First we are not Democrats or Republicans >>>>> WE ARE FIRST ALL AMERICANS!!!

On November 4th a President will be elected but at what cost?

Why can’t we all see that a divided America is a weak America, that is what our enemies across the ocean want from us.

Don’t ever forget what America stands for and what we are all a part of. The greatest Country on planet earth.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WE NEED TO ALL ACT LIKE IT!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<