Hello world,

      Welcome to my post! This post will be about a couple of things that are truly dear to me. MyDreamAlive is a new clothing line that is dedicated to fashionable inpirational clothing. Come on people, let’s face it. Currently in the marketplace the only thing that you have to wear for inspiration is T Shirts and Hats! Now don’t get me wrong, my website mydreamalive.com has T Shirts & Hats lol, but that is only to start. I have to get started somehow, and right now the T shirt industry is a billion dollare industry! My ultimate goal is to have the number one inspirational line of clothing. I am talking Shirts, pants, dresses, coats, belts, shoes, etc.. So when you see MyDreamAlive you will ultimaticly get it! My quesiton is.. Is the world ready for an Inspirational Clothing line? What types of clothing would you like to see?