This is must see TV…Angela Bassett?? Can’t wait to see

Conversations Of A Sistah


With Black History month approaching, Lifetime television have rolled out their movie premiers for the month. Angela Bassett will star as Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow Coretta Scott King, who expanded his message of nonviolence and equality to a global audience until her death in 2006, in a Lifetime movie which will premiere on February 2nd.

To kick off black history month, Bassett stars as Mrs. King opposite singer Mary J. Blige as Dr. Betty Shabazz in the Lifetime original movieBetty and Coretta.

The film tells the converging stories of two very different young women united by a commitment to social justice and their struggle to raise their children alone while forging legacies from those of their slain spouses. It’s an angle that the mom of two (with actor husband Courtney B. Vance) particularly appreciates.

Both women were equally significant in their own right.

Ruby Dee narrates the film, as…

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