Can’t wait to see this film…

Praise Cleveland

Bishop T.D. Jakes has just one word for Whitney Houston’s performance in the upcoming film Sparkle: “magical.” Jakes is a producer on the much-anticipated remake of the 70s film about three sisters who dream of singing fame and fortune. The new film will feature Houston in her last performance — the singer died in February of “a drowning and effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use,” according to the Los Angeles coroner’s office.

“Whitney’s performance in Sparkle is incredible,” said Jakes, who has helped produce several films, including Jumping the Broom and Not Easily Broken. “I was shocked at what a good actress she was and I don’t know why — because I loved Bodyguard and some of the other things she did.”

It’s been well reported that perhaps the film’s most poignant moment is a scene where Houston’s character sings “His Eye on the Sparrow” in church. The…

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