What a year in sports it has been!!

LeBron James finally climbs the mountain top after 9 years of struggle and disappointment. Coming into the league and thinking he could do it, and that he didn’t need any help to accomplish it.

Then finally going to Miami where he had (2) two other All Stars to help him obtain the championship. Lebron grew up a lot in the process, and in the final game when other team mates where ready to party before it was over, he pulled them by the side and said, “Let’s win as champions.”

Andy Murray, who has an entire country watching his every move, and being the focal point of the nation for the two weeks at Wimbledon. No Brit has been in the finals since 1936!! The country hosting the event having no hometown champion to stand up for them.

Wow…I look at the two pictures above and immediately can see the difference in the two moments.

Andy looking up in the sky and Lebron jumping up and down and partying till 6 in the A.M.

Both of them under magnifying glasses, and I personal opinion is that Andy was under MORE scrutiny and

pressure than Lebron could even imagine!

But…my point..Look what faith, sacrifice, and hard work can do!!

Better yet…Philippians 4:13 sums it all for me:

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”

How often we remind ourselves that Christ is the answer to any and every obstacle that we face in life.

Christ has the strength that we need, that no matter how tall, wide, or deep the obstacle is…Christ is the 


Watching Andy Murray this week, I noticed with EVERY win, this picture above is the exact look he showed.

Every WIN his head and eyes all looking upward in thanks and in realization of the moment.

Andy must now face Roger Federer in the Finals of Wimbledon! But watching Andy so far, I believe he has 

learned and won already!

Congratulations to both winners! 

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