The Trayvon Martin case truly galvanized the world,  and has brought to the front line AGAIN, the whole stereotypical image of the African-American male.  The African American male sterotype is of a bunch of hoodie wearing, pants hanging, gold tooth wearing, men that walk around all day in search of the closest liquor store we can find.  Even if it is to buy skittles and not Colt 45!

Yet, there are many men that are working professionals, that dress very nicely everyday of the week, and work extremely hard to advance in their fields and achieve a certain level of success.

But when I do a random sampling of the image above to the young men on the streets, the feedback I get is..I don’t want to look like that..that man is a SELL OUT!

or..I don’t know anyone that looks like that in my community!

Wow…that really bothers me.

On one hand you have an African-American percentage that does not want to change their look, and you have another African-American percentage that would not be caught dead looking any other way.

Then you have the biased media that only reports on the percentage that does not want to change their look…and here you have the African-American stereotype that is ripe for viewing. A media that can not wait to see the next episode on the violent black man station.

Here is a great story on the Trayvon Marin story:

In this story the writer starts with:

“He’s got his hand in his waistband, and he’s a black male.”

— George Zimmerman to a 911 operator shortly before he fatally shot Trayvon Martin

Here you have George Zimmerman getting fed a steady diet of “What the African Male looks like”…

Again, Is this what the African-American Male looks like?

If the answer is yes…then why????

If the answer is no…then why is the Media portraying that we do?

Now, I am not saying that everyone should be forced to dress a certain way, or that because you dress a certain way you should be deemed suspicious looking and then get harassed or in the worst case shot!

What I am saying is, media needs to report on both sides of the story.

You can not feed the majority ( Let’s face it we are only 15%), a true image to start from.  So that there can not be one conclusion to what you are seeing.

Now.. far right you have Barack Obama..the most powerful man on the planet that is always seen in a Suit…dressing for the job he has obtained.

Now on the far left you have the average joe..on the street dressing for the job he has obtained.

Where is the middle.. Is it he is either the President of the USA, or he is not?

Is this the only main course the media is feeding?

The link came over on Facebook about Chicago Urban Prep:

where is the press on this story??

The Chicago Tribune carried the story..with very little National Attention..

Every college aspiring child of color should have heard of or read that story!

Now this should be news!!

We need accountability in the Media to tell the positive stories that change the

face of the African-American Male!

As we read these success stories, lets put the pressure on the editorial staff at

the local papers and TV stations to do the right thing!

Until we change the perception of what an African-American male looks like….

Any black male..not dressed in a suit..could be the next Trayvon Martin!!

Continued Success,

Now..Go Get it!!

Derrick Butler is Founder/CEO of Mydreamalive Inc which has a mission of changing the negative images of African-Americans to positive images that better reflect the makeup of the African-American Community

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