Estelle – “All of Me”, brings back the classic soul sound and enables music lover’s all over the world to experience “life” music. We need more artists to embrace the music AND the lyrics…we need both!


Estelle - "All Of Me"She’s a Lady
By Eric Webb

She’s as cool as they come, that Estelle.

She of “American Boy,” 2008’s greatest song about romance requiring frequent flyer miles, has returned with her third studio album, “All Of Me,” and brother, it is a confident album. Estelle knows herself very well, and her music sounds so thoroughly like her that she has completely earned the right to use a singular moniker.

Estelle’s specialized brand of crisp and breezy soul-infused hip hop is a constant treat, with enough exploration of different styles to keep things fresh with a clear, consistent voice tying the whole package together. I mean, I wish I was as confident and positive as Estelle. She’s the Fonzie of female rappers.

“This Is the Life” is a feel-good banger, with a pulsing, thumping beat that somehow elevates what could have been a run-of-the-mill materialistic rap. Appropriately, it has a little…

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