Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

Have you seen this new show on the Style Network, The Glam Fairy? In fairness, I only made it through about ten minutes of the show, but it appears to be about a boutique beauty salon owner whose mission in life is to convert “ugly ducklings” to sex kittens, one smoky eye at a time. In the ten minutes I made it through, the salon owner managed to insult a group of four stay at home moms and break up a fight between two of her employees. That is a lot to fit in ten minutes, right? I’m all for empowering women, and I can even get behind teaching women how to properly apply makeup to play up their assets. But the idea that it’s necessary to wear eyeliner an inch thick in order to be beautiful is not one I can endorse. And teaching people that it’s ok to act like the cast of the movie Mean Girls in the workplace is just another thing I can’t agree with. While the quality of reality television leaves much to be desired as it is, this show takes thing to a whole new level of terrible. Don’t take my word for it; check the show out on direct tv.