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         You all probably don’t know, but I have worked in the Advertising industry for over 14 years now providing Small to Medium sized businesses ways to increases their revenue by attracting new customers to their businesses.

I fell in love with the publishing industry young, and as a third generation publisher (Grandad, Mom, Me ), I have really enjoyed leaving a legacy of helping businesses reach new levels of sales, and provide income for their families. As I watched my Mom sell ads to businesses as a young child, I realized that if you can help (1) one business, then they will tell 10 friends about you, and you would have the opportunity to help them a well.

One of the tactics I always talk about is Couponing, and providing a way for customers to try your product. The (3) three most powerful offers are: (1) Free (2) Buy 1 get 1 Free, and (3) 50% Off.  It is important to start with the most powerful coupon of all FREE and let people try your product. You can always set a limit to how many FREE coupons you give out, but imagine if you were to give out 25 – 50 FREE products that worked. The word of mouth would be amazing and you would get your money back 10 fold. If you were to do a Buy 1 get 1 Free offer, then you will get two customers at a time coming in to try your product. This is still a very powerful way of building your business.

The old saying, ” You have to spend money to make money” is indeed true and has been proven time and time again. In my 14 years of  Advertising experience, I have seen businesses that down right refuse to coupon, and have watched an enormous amount of businesses fail. I have watched them come and go, and each time I meet with a new customer I say, “Do you plan on being in business in 3 years?” Knowing that 50% of businesses fail in the first year, and a staggering 85% fail in the first 5 years! The number one cause of failure is Revenue!

Saving money is huge these days and is an awesome site for saving money. You get a change to save money on big-ticket items, and to do comparison shopping on one site. Small Businesses and Consumers use to shop from everything from Office Supplies to Baby Items. If you are in business or a consumer looking for ways to save money then you have got to go to and see what they have!

I have always said that SALES is the most important department in ANY business, because if you have no revenue then you have no company.

But, I do believe that a penny saved is a penny earned!

So….Get to Selling…. Let’s GO!!

Derrick Butler is Founder of My Dream Alive the largest Black History Clothing line on the Web. Find out more at and Follow Derrick Butler on Twitter @DerrickButler