This is some very clear information that again shows that the current state of the Public Education system is a failure. It is a failure and there is real no way to spin this. We can’t have areas in the country where our graduation rates are lower than 50%. We can’t allow this type of mediocrity to continue. You wonder why our youth see Rapping and Athletics as the “ONLY” Option? Look at the numbers! If I lived in an area where I had a 50/50 chance of geting out, I would try something else too. I can’t blame our youth for looking at life like this, we have to come to the table with some of viable of options. It feels like the definition of Insanity..we can’t keep doing the same thing and looking for different results. I’m not Insane..are you??

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The Schott 50 State Report: The Mis-Education of the Black Male Child Public education for inner city children of color is in a state of crisis, and has been for some time. To address the need for information on this issue, the Schott Foundation for Public Education, a public interest group with a focus on improving public schools in Massachusetts and New York, has developed an outstanding website named Black Boys that provides "parents, educators, media, policymakers, elected officials—and anyone who ca … Read More

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