This is exactly the type of guidelines that we need a public schools across America. We have to boldly position our youth to be successful not just in high school but in Corporate America. Morehouse has a very rich tradition of creating incredible leaders of Tomorrow. When we look at what is going on in our High Schools and focus of education, we have to applaud Morehouse and the idea that Clothing does make a difference. Let’s stop the Sagging, Gang Colors and Crazy Looks and let’s focus on Education. As I continue to say.. Equality in Education for our Black Students is the next great battle of our generation!

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The Morehouse Dress Code There's been some mild controversy on some blogs about the recently published Morehouse College dress code.  My interpretation of the controversy is that it is generational.  Anyone over 40-45 years old probably applaud the dress code, while younger folks question the policy and find it too restrictive.  Morehouse has a rich tradition that goes back at least 8 decades.  The administration's new policy which went into effect this month) is spear-h … Read More

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