It is about time that the Capitalist Pigg banks get a talkin to!

“The Goldman CEO sLloyd Blankfein acknowledges Goldman Sachs role in the financial crisis and explains how Wall Street and Main Street can recover together.”

Nooooo duhhhh! Are you kidding me?

Of course you were behind the potential ruin of the Great US of A! You lined your pockets and invested in Dubai and let the little people fend for themselves. Isn’t this the way it always goes? The rich get richer and the poor get sh****d on! I do not cuse often by this really gets my goat.

The rich, the real rich top 1%, do not care about the other 95% that they have more money than. They only care about PROFIT! Is this suppose to be a democracy or a Monarchy! I can not believe that they are not all in jail.

When is enough ever enough! Let’s talk Wall Street REFORM! Let’s talk about it and debate it and then legislate it!

We were on the break on disaster and if it was not for the incredible actions of the Great President Obama, and his incredible team at the Fed. We would all be speaking Chinese and making Nike’s for a living.

I want my dream to happen and there are millions of people like me that need a honest banking system to make it happen. I know I just said an oxymoron honest:Banking but that is what this country really needs.

To big to FAIL! These banks are so big that they choose who FAILS! Let’s change this and have a better life for the next generation.

Derrick Butler


Mydreamalive Inc