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George Washington Carver "Great Scientist & Inventor"

George Washington Carver "Great Scientist & Inventor"



Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
George Washington Carver

Many kids in the inner city believe that sports are the way to change their lives. Yes it is A way, but not the only way. Look at George Washington Carver. This man was born as a slave and will go down as one of the dominating men of the 20th century, and one of the most incredible scientist in history. He single handed changed the Souths dependence on cotton to provide revenue and jobs in the south.  George Washington Carver created 300 different product with the peanut, and one hundred from the sweet potato. His scientific discoveries with agriculture created new inventions with crop rotation. Education

George Washington Carver used to change lives

transformed this mans life, and millions of other people as well. His from slavery to the isles of universities shows exactly what can happen to ones life when education becomes a priority.  There are other children that want to be scientists and inventors like George Washington Carver,but often when they focus on education, they are rediculedand picked on by their peers. We need to change  the perception of those that want to change their lives with education, as sell outs and want a beow is the time for children that want to be like George Washington Carver to get the support and training they need. If a child has a good jump shot then their are teams and organizations that will help him. We need to use the same types of systems to identify children that need to change their enviroments in order to excel. Let’s find the next great African American Scientist and allow them to rise up and change not only their lives but lives of millions.